Friday — July 18th, 2008



Working on a new template for the Kenny Chronicles comics and character design for a friend of Kenny’s. The final design will likely look different from this smiling freak.

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On a new server

In order to save $33 a year in hosting, I’ve moved all of my sites to a new server(why pay for infinite space when you only use 7 GB?). If I charged myself by the hour, this transfer would have cost more than the savings. Not worth it. One example: my email might not work. However, I know I’ll appreciate it when the next bill comes around.
I’m slowly returning things back to working order, there are still some broken things. This has definitely been a learning process. I learned from my mistakes transferring THIS site, and did a much better job with my Kenny Chronicles comics site. Over half the battle is learning a new host’s control panel. GoDaddy’s control panel tries to sell you domains every chance it gets. Not annoying, but makes me wonder where their other priorities(like hosting) sit.

Future of this site:
I really don’t know how often comics and pictures will be posted here. It became so much of a mirror of that I’ve decided to stop mirroring the comics over here, especially with the move to twice a week. If you want more Kenny Chronicles, go to the site. Please note that the comic is rated PG-13. Since all of my comiking time has been spent on the Kenny Chronicles, you’ll likely only see single pictures, with the very occasional non-Kenny comic, on this site. Oh, and the occasional Culinary Wut Wut blog entry. I still need to blog about oat burgers. Thems are good.

I will be getting the gallery of Toonfest 2007 up within a month. I put it off for a long time, and I’m now realizing how much work it’ll be. In taking pictures, I’d shoot first and ask questions later so I don’t miss anything. Therefore, lots of editing to be done.

Toonfest 2008 is coming on September 19-20, and I will be ready. I make no promises, but I hope to have that gallery up within a few weeks after Toonfest. One cartoonist showing up who’s not listed on the site is Tom Richmond, a cartoonist for MAD Magazine. He won’t be talking at the symposium, he’ll just be enjoying the festivities, and having some original MAD artwork in the gallery as usual. My art will be there too.

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Culinary wut wut

Chocolate Silk Soymilk

I tried chocolate Silk soymilk today, and after the initial “that tastes weird”, it’s actually pretty good. Just remember that it’s a chocolate DRINK, not chocolate MILK. Smoother, kinda rice-y, and great for lactose-intolerant people. I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, in that I feel thirsty after drinking milk. This is refreshing. Highly recommended.

On the back of the carton, it lists “Six great reasons to love your silk”, and #6 is “It’s chocolate – need we say more?”. Nice. Also, from their website, Silk soymilk is certified Kosher OU-D, and it’s vegan-friendly. In the simplest terms, that means it’s healthy and uses no animal products(good for environment).
Hmm, also, they use wind power to run their plants. NICE! I’d love to install a windmill in my back yard, but it would be better out in the country. Solar panels? Too many trees here. Best thing I can do electricity-wise would be to move to a more energy-efficient house and buy an energy-efficient clothes dryer/washer.

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