Chocolate Silk Soymilk

I tried chocolate Silk soymilk today, and after the initial “that tastes weird”, it’s actually pretty good. Just remember that it’s a chocolate DRINK, not chocolate MILK. Smoother, kinda rice-y, and great for lactose-intolerant people. I’m slightly lactose-intolerant, in that I feel thirsty after drinking milk. This is refreshing. Highly recommended.

On the back of the carton, it lists “Six great reasons to love your silk”, and #6 is “It’s chocolate – need we say more?”. Nice. Also, from their website, Silk soymilk is certified Kosher OU-D, and it’s vegan-friendly. In the simplest terms, that means it’s healthy and uses no animal products(good for environment).
Hmm, also, they use wind power to run their plants. NICE! I’d love to install a windmill in my back yard, but it would be better out in the country. Solar panels? Too many trees here. Best thing I can do electricity-wise would be to move to a more energy-efficient house and buy an energy-efficient clothes dryer/washer.

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  1. Jen

    I think Silk Chocolate is the best tasting soymilk around. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake!